Slow Feeder Dog Mat

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Hyper Pet LickiMat™ is a prescription free treat conveyance framework that draws in your pet over an all-encompassing timeframe while conveying little segments of his or her most loved treat. Our LickiMat™ line is intended to advance quiet conduct in your puppy or feline while home alone or amid unpleasant occasions, similar to storms. By spreading your pet’s most loved delicate treat over the surface, you make a fun, delicious amusement as they look for each piece with their tongue. The novel example advances crisp breath, solid teeth, and gums by scratching awful microscopic organisms from the tongue and animating salivation multiplication which helps in assimilation. Monotonous licking is relieving and discharges cortisol, a quieting hormone, into the body.

LickiMat™ Soother, with its raised rough structure, is ideal for velvety treats like yogurt, nutty spread, or sauce. Stop treats or beverages in hot or muggy temperatures to make reviving, longer enduring diversion.

Hyper Pet LickiMat™ is produced using non-poisonous, nourishment grade TPR that is appropriate for the two mutts and felines. To clean, we prescribe hand washing with sudsy water.

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Shield your ravenous doggy from indulging or completing his sustenance excessively quick by serving it on this moderate feeder hound tangle. This convenient little supper time extra's one of a kind example advances crisp breath, solid teeth, and gums by scratching terrible microorganisms from the tongue

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