Rembrandt Oil Colour Box

Set contains 18 tubes of 40ml and 19 tubes of 15ml coloured oil paint, as well as 3 tubes of 60ml and a single 150ml tube of white.
The oil paint in the Rembrandt range is made with the highest possible concentration of finest ground pigment, with all of the 24 paints within the set graded as being at least 100 years lightfast.
These professional standard paints are accompanied by a total of 10 equally high quality brushes, 3 palette knives, 25 sticks of willow charcoal, 3 palette cups, a brush mat, and, of course, a pallet.
As well as these, each set comes with 6 auxiliaries, consisting of white spirit, painting medium, glazing medium, retouching varnish, and both matt and gloss varnishes.
The beautifully crafted wooden chest, with its dark varnish and gold accenting, emulates the artist quality of this superlative set from Royal Talens.

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